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Let us introduce our brand

We are a Polish family business with over 40 years of tradition and with exclusively Polish capital. For years we have been specializing in feeding pet animals: aquarium fish and crustaceans, pond fish, dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, hedgehogs, reptiles, amphibians and birds. We love animals, look after them and take care of their health not only during their daily work, but also later, when we return home. Most of our employees have pets. We also have a gardening department that produces perfectly absorbable liquid fertilizers and other products for the care of home, terrace and garden plants.

How do we develop our foods?

We work very hard to ensure that our foods are full of ingredients derived from nature and valuable for their health. We have already developed nearly a thousand products that make pets happy in almost 80 countries around the world. Products with the Tropical logo are known and liked on all continents of the world (except maybe Antarctica J).

We help animal shelters. We support dog-assisted therapies. We sponsor sled dog racers, Waƛkowski Team and Husky Team, which win highest awards thanks to the diet based on our feeds. And for the best dogs breeders with highest standards we have opened the Breeders’ Club.